My jsme Sparta. We are Sparta.

That is the motto for AC Sparta Praha, the city’s premier football (soccer) club. I like that. What do I think of when I think “Sparta”? Absurd toughness. Honor. Pride. Strength. That describes the fans alright. I’m not entirely sure about the team yet.

But what I can say is that it is a mirror for this city. The motto fits. People don’t smile here. This city survived fifty years of Soviet occupation. They throw politicians out of windows here. This is a tough town.

It was a pretty entertaining game Friday night, even if it wasn’t particularly close (4-1, Sparta Win).

Today, I went to go see Letecky Den, or Red Bull Flugtag, or that event where people build “flying” machines and race them off the end of a dock. Style counts much higher than distance.

This British kid looked up at his dad and said, “They built them and now they’re going to wreck them!” Yeah kid, they’re going to wreck ’em alright.

Team USA brought three NASA themed gliders. We made them glide like only Americans can. I think Neil would be proud of the water touchdowns.

Check out this album to see it all.


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