I Want To Go Adventuring

Have you seen this video yet?

It’s the trailer for Ben Stiller’s new movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The short story is about a gutless wimp who spends a car ride with his overbearing wife imagining he was doing something better. Basically, it was about someone who was so caught up in their dreams they forgot to live their life. The movie looks like it might be about a guy who snaps that self-destructive cycle of day dreaming, I hope. The trailer, at the very least, is powerful. I don’t know. It gets under my skin. Maybe it’s the visuals.  Maybe it’s the soundtrack. I watch this trailer and I want to go. And I mean go. I could leave right now.

Today, I looked at Africa. It’s a big continent and I don’t think I’ll be content until I’ve seen all of it. I had the idea that I would ride a motorcycle the length of Africa. I don’t know anything about motorcycles, but that’s hardly a deterrence. Or I could go around world. My point being, I don’t think I want to come home. The only question is, how do I pull that off?

I’ll let you know when I figure it out.





One thought on “I Want To Go Adventuring

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