Welcome to Praha

Well, what can I say except I’m finally here. After having traveled around Europe for exactly 38 days, I am in Prague. My apartment is nice; it’s actually nicer than my apartment in Lexington. It’s still not as nice as some of the other guy’s apartments, or the girls’ — one of whom has a king size bed in her apartment. Do you remember that scene in Euro Trip where they go to Bratislava and live like kings on like seventeen cents American? It might be kind of like that, I think. For reasonable Lexington rents, we are living a lot larger than we would in Lexington. Food is cheap for Europe (read: the same prices as central Kentucky). Beer is cheaper.

I’ve got a good feeling about this place.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Praha

  1. Czech probably shouldn’t be taken lightly. Having been a student of both Arabic and Spanish, I’d put this one somewhere in the middle. Americans don’t have the cultural exposure to the sound patterns like we do with Spanish, so it sounds more foreign, but then again you don’t have to learn a new writing system either, like with Arabic. If you want to, go for it! But you have to come study here, the food is awesome.

    However, from a practical point of view, Czech is spoken by only ten million people, and the Czech Republic is one of the smaller countries in Europe. So, there’s that to consider.

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