August 31

Get up, Check out, Chill and read One Thousand and One Night, Eat lunch, Hump it two miles to the new apartment, Meet my roommate Ian (UC Boulder), Wait for the guy to let us in and bring the other roommates, Meet Doug (Wake Forest) and Charlie (Formerly Centre College and currently U. of Cent. Missouri), Unpack, Rejoice at unpacking and settling down, Go to orientation, Meet the ISA Prague 1 Crew, Orientate, Come back to the apartment, See the other apartment near ours, Regret this as it is much nicer than ours, Go to dinner, Eat pizza and drink beer, Decide we should bring our backpacks to the grocery store, Head back to the apartment and then leave again for the store having forgotten backpacks, Shop at Tesco, Buy essentials, Tram back to apartment, Go the wrong way, Get out and change trams, Arrive at apartment and put away groceries, Begin laundry, Begin watching football, Have an incredibly difficult time getting my clothes out of the washing machine, Struggle for thirty minutes, Get them out but don’t understand how, Watch more football, Go to sleep easily.


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