Vignette #4

American-Chinese Relations

by Jamie Mohan

Curtain raises on a small kitchen. All of the burners have food cooking on them, the sink is full, the table is cluttered. A young asian woman, DAISY, is cutting vegetables at one side of the counter. A young, Caucasian male, JAMIE, is cutting chicken on the other side of the counter. We enter the scene mid-conversation. 

DAISY: That’s a lot of meat. (Looking skeptically at the cutting board, compared to her own of vegetables)

JAMIE (defensively): It’s chicken. Healthy stuff. 

DAISY: So where are you from?

JAMIE: The United States.

DAISY: American!? Do you have a gun?

JAMIE stares blankly at DAISY, staring incredulously in response to the question.  

DAISY: At home, in America, do you have a gun. (Asking enthusiastically)

JAMIE: (laughing) Yeah, I do.

DAISY: Oh, really? Do you take it to the grocery store?

JAMIE: (Incredulously and perplexed)No. I do not… 



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