August 30

Wake up late, Call the credit card company, Inform Capital One I am in Czech, Walk to Tesco, Buy food, Cook lunch, Improve American-Chinese relations with a small step, Catch up on the Internet, Walk around town, Take pictures, See a crappy street performer lay down on glass and have a woman stand on him — I’ve seen a video of a Shao Lin monk lie down on a bed of nails and have a foot thick block of ice broken with a sledge hammer while it rests on his rock hard abs; top that, Smell the sounds of roasting meat in Prague, Walk to a photography store and look at old cameras, Walk into an English bookstore, See that they accept credit cards, Purchase a copy of One Thousand and One NightsWalk across the Charles Bridge, Take pictures, Try and meet up with a future room mate, Check out the price of climbing shoes in two different stores, They are cheaper here than in America, Rejoice, Go home, Eat dinner, Chat with the family, Read, Sleep.


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