August 27

Wake up, drive to St Paul-de-Vence, Find a cafe, Find that they are only serving coffee and pastures, drink coffee and eat apple strudel, walk about the ancient, fortified town, Go in art galleries, See excellent photographs, See sketches from Picasso and paintings from Chagall, Walk along the ramparts, Go in a church, Eat ice cream, Eat a lunch of crepes, Go to meet our tour, Find that the tour is just us and a guide, The guide loans umbrellas, They are needed, The rain lets up after a few minutes, Walk around the town, See the bastions, See the old streets, Go in the chapel decorated with a mosaic made of 1,600,000 pieces designed by the Belgian artist Folon, It is truly something to behold, Drive back to the hotel, Take a nap, Drive to get dinner at Bistro 44, Eat wonderfully, Walk along the bay, See the lights of Cannes and the other coastal towns, Return to the hotel, Sleep.


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