Two Aussies Walk Into a Hostel

It’s a small ridiculously huge world, but sometimes it feels small. When every Aussie in Europe is at the same Valencian hostel, it feels small.

It feels smaller and funnier after the following events.

Several Australians, an American, and a Canadian are milling about a kitchen in a hostel. A loud, stereotypical Australian man wearing a singlet and sunglasses indoors and sporting a tattoo of a boxing kangaroo walks in carrying a twelve pack of beer. He calls himself Haddock.

Haddock: Oy! (gestures towards a pretty blond Australian girl) Don’t I know you?
Caitlyn: Umm, maybe.
Haddock: Yeah. F@&$ yeah. In Croatia. Last year, for like twenty minutes.
Caitlyn: Oh my God. We did. You were crazy. I can’t believe it’s you.

Cut to thirty six hours later. The narrator is going to the restroom and hears loud Aussie voices coming from the shower. The same shower. He laughs and shakes his head

Narrator: F&$@ing Aussies.

All three see each other in the kitchen and decide to walk to the train station together. The Aussies are going to Lagos. Together.

End of Act II

So, maybe it’s only funny to me, but it’s my website. It’s just goes to show you how small the world can be. Someone you meet for five minutes can turn up again in your life in unexpected ways and places. Always expect the unexpected.


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