So, once again I was negligent in keeping up. Sue me. 

We decided fairly last minute to go to Geneva instead of Budapest for two reasons: 1) Budapest is having a festival and finding a hostel was becoming impossible; 2) The forecast for Budapest was triple digit and we decided we hated being hot. The forecast for Switzerland was good, so here we are.

I don’t think we made a poor decision, although our decision is quickly making us poor. Switzerland is EXPENSIVE. But you make sacrifices to see the world, and while I would find a way to be happy eating once a day out of a garbage can and sleeping in a ditch, McKay’s presence means we are forced to eat at least twice — breakfast included with our room at the hostel and dinner — and sleep indoors; she’s so needy. If you can’t feel the sarcasm in that last sentence, you’re blind. Traveling with her has been great, especially since she’s been in charge of planning our days since we met in Paris and hasn’t messed up once. We’ve only fought three or four times, which is astonishing, and managed to work it out each time. Traveling is stressful, traveling with another person is even more stressful, but I’ll be sad when she’s gone. 

Back to how absurdly expensive this city is. We’re dealing and it is worth it. Geneva might be my favorite city so far. There are tourists and the city is friendly to them, but not too many and I feel like most everyone here is local — or at the very least they aren’t American. The city is sizable, but also entirely walkable. It is beautiful. Five centuries of armed neutrality means that the city entirely survived both world wars, and therefore all the old buildings are still here. Perched on the edge of a stunning lake and a coursing river of crystal clear mountain water running through it, it is hard to imagine a major city more beautiful than Geneva. 

That is all. 


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