August 9

Sleep in an extra fifteen minutes, Go to breakfast, Eat yogurt, Walk to train station so McKay can buy a ticket to Paris, Walk down to the river, Wander around Geneva — which is making a hard case for Europe’s best city — and see old buildings, See cool stores selling antique and antiquated cameras, Wander to an old Cathedral — St. Pierre Cathedral, See a sign for an archaeological museum and pointing to the basement, Accidentally stumble upon the coolest museum in Europe — a mostly-retired archaeological dig site UNDERNEATH a cathedral that has been transformed into a museum and display of the history of the church and of Geneva from the pre-Roman era all the way to today, Wander through Geneva some more, Walk to the river/lake front, Walk on the pier, See the boats, Wander through a street fair/carnival/food truck line, Eat crepes for lunch, Go back to hotel, Figure out plan for tomorrow, Decide tomorrow is mostly winging it, Hang out, Sleep.


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