August 7

Get up and go to the best Cafe in Vienna again, Get Apple Strudel and this time Cappuccino, Head to Schönbrunn Palace — the former summer residence of the Imperial Hapsburg Dynasty, Maybe, They aren’t very clear in their tourist information and Wikipedia was lacking — and decide not to pay to see more royally decorated old rooms packed with a million tourists, Walk through the gardens for free and remark at how much more manageable they are than the gardens at Versailles, Enjoy how much more shade there is than there was at Versailles, Decide this garden is better than Versailles, Sit on the top of the hill and look on at the palace that McKay described as “more homely” than Versailles, Laugh at how this is the first time anyone ever described Schönbrunn Palace as “homely”, Walk around more and take more pictures, Catch the train back to the hostel, Buy snacks for the train, Go to Pizzeria Mafioso again and run into new friends from New York — Joel and James, both of whom are engineers — and eat pizza with them, Eat an entire pizza, Feel wonderful, Go back to hostel and prepare to leave, Sleep.


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