August 6

Awaken and head to St. Charles Church — a beautiful church — and sit inside quietly and think that all the scaffolding that has been erected to facilitate an elevator and an attached viewing platform for tourists to see the beautiful ceiling painting has obstructed the both the mural and the remainder of the interior of the church, Take the metro to Belvedere Palace — a former Imperial/Royal something or other; it is impossible to figure out what was what — and view the art now stored inside, Walk through the gardens of the Belvedere and comment frequently on the oppressive heat, Walk and then eat Wiener Schnitzel, End up at the KunstHausWien — a super wonky museum housing the works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser who was an architect, painter and sculptor — and fall in love with an exhibit of Linda McCartney‘s photography, Go back to hostel, Make new friends at the bar, Talk enthusiastically with two Americans, two Brits, a Canadian, and two Slovene girls about music, movies, and television, Go to bed.


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