Things have been a complete whirlwind since my last post. I was drunk and tired when I wrote that, which should explain why some grotesque version of Hemingway has made himself present on that page — sorry Ernest! I was feeling inspired by Midnight in Paris, which if you haven’t seen, you should.

I got lost trying to find the entrance to the Louvre. This seems hard to believe given that the entrance is located inside A GIANT GLASS PYRAMID. I believed these GIANT GLASS PYRAMIDS to be a garden decoration and not the entrance, so I wandered for a while attempting to locate a ground floor door. Eventually I figured it out. Once I got inside it was hopeless. I was exhausted and there is a lifetime’s worth of art and artifact inside. So I wandered and tried not to collapse from exhaustion until I decided I should leave.

I took my first real train ride to Vienna. I had hoped it would be like Harry Potter. It was not. It was like an airplane; except, it was worse: the seats did not recline.

I speak six words in German: Ein, Zwei, Drei, Danke, auf Wiedersehen and Nein. Three of which I learned from the movie Cool Runnings and the others from movies and documentaries about Nazi Germany. But I get by with these six and a lot of pointing. Also everyone here speaks flawless English and they use it the second they realize that a two-year old has a larger vocabulary than I do. English is the lingua franca and for this I am grateful.

Pictures are more interesting than writing, so check them out either on my Facebook page or by clicking the Photographs link at the top of the blog and following instructions.


Auf Wiedersehen.


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