August 1

Wake up, Wake up late, Metro, Hot metro, Versailles, Palace, Gardens, Cottage, Palace, Home, Nap and computer, Metro, The hill below Sacre-Coeur, Dinner of baguette and salami and wine and cheese and tomatoes and chips, Dinner with friends new and old, Midnight in Paris, a great movie, Watch the movie, See the skyline of Paris and feel incredibly content, The movie ends and everyone feels lucky to have been in such a place at such a time, Go home, Go to the American Bar, Dance, Dance a lot, Let loose, Drink a drink or two, Have a wonderful time, Walk the Paris streets late at night with friends, Laugh at home with friends, Go to bed.


Editors Note: I had begun this day opposed to taking pictures at all, and then realized that I didn’t have my memory card in my camera anyway, so no pictures. Google “Versailles” if you can’t imagine what it looks like.


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