July 30

Wake up late, Breakfast, Go to train ticket office, Manage to unwittingly secure tickets to Vienne, France, Be happy because it is shorter and cheaper thane expected, Realize that that is because Vienne, France is not Vienna, Austria, Go back to the ticket office and explain the mistake in Frenglish, Get the actual tickets to Vienna, Meet Katie and friends and go to the Sex Shop District to see the Moulin Rouge Cafe, Eat Halal chicken just like in London, Leave new friends and go with old friends to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, See Jim Morrison’s Tomb, See Oscar Wilde’s Tomb, Watch a woman kiss the tomb, See an eccentric tour guide, Walk to See Moliere’s tomb, Go to Edith Piaf’s tomb, go to Chopin’s tomb, See the eccentric tour guide, McKay asks for a photo of him, McKay and Katie unexpectedly take a photo with him, Walk toward the exit, Run into ETG again, ETG leads McKay by the hand, and company, to the tomb of Marcel Marceau — famous mime and choreographer of Michael Jackson — as laughter ensues, Leave Pere Lachaise, Wander home, See some cool stuff like a merry-go-round and a pair of shoes empty in a phonebooth, Arrive at Hostel, McKay and Katie nap, Go to the park, McKay and Katie sit in the park, Walk around the park taking photos, Take photos of tiny sailboats in the giant fountain/pond and the children setting them on their course, Walk back to dinner, Eat delicious crepes, Have the waiter intentionally not deliver us the check for an exceedingly long period of time — get angry at his snobbery and rudeness but do not hold it against Parisians as a group — and eventually pay and leave, Walk to the Pompidou with McKay, Find that it is closed, Decide to sit and people watch, See a cute couple we decide is on their first date make the same mistake, Sit awhile longer and talk, Walk home, Go to the roof terrace  and talk, McKay goes in to read, Sit a while longer and think and take photos, The wind knocks over the camera and it is fine but others panic, Go to the room, Sit and edit photos, Write, Go to bed.

New Friends


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