July 29

Arrive in Paris, Navigate the ParisMetro, Have no idea what is happening the whole time and yet manage to make no mistakes and arrive at the hostel quickly, Give Katie the biggest hug and kiss ever still holding all the bags — the crowd awkwardly looked on — and be glad to see an old friend, Watch her go to class and wait for McKay, Greet McKay on the street, Another huge hug and more joy at seeing an old friend, Finish checking into the hostel, Breakfast of baguette, Nap and recover from bus ride — only McKay naps, Ponder Reddit, Meet Katie for lunch at an Italian place nearby, Use broken awful french to order, Enjoy the pasta McKay demanded we eat for lunch, Walk to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Go inside and see the true pilgrims alongside the tourists, Leave, Walk to Shakespeare and Company –an English bookstore in Paris — and while browsing books wish there was more time to read, Walk to a park near the hostel, Watch cute couples, Watch old friends laugh and chat as we do the same, Feel lucky to be in such a place with such people, McKay takes a nap, Go to dinner with Katie’s study abroad friends at a Mexican restaurant, Sit outside, Sit outside while it rains, Get rained on a little, Laugh at absurdity, Walk back to the hostel, Sit on the bed, Lay down on the bed, Ask Katie to read in French, Fall asleep as she reads in French.

Rainy night



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