July 28

Get up, Breakfast — but the Japanese girls (and that’s not derogatory, merely descriptive) all had way more than their fair share of toast and I didn’t get much — of bread and peanut butter, check out, Hang out and poach wifi and shower, Talk with I Can’t Remember His First Name McKenzie — who was concerned he wouldn’t get back to his Air Force Base in Kansas on time and then be AWOL, due to his having NO MONEY for a bus ticket to the airport, and that he might have to disappear abroad to avoid court martial — for an hour, McKenzie’s buddy comes through and he leaves (God Speed and Good Luck), Poach more WiFi, Go to Victoria Bus Station, Hang out and Facebook chat people,Phone dies, Laptop is already dead, See sign that says recharging things with the non-existent plug is considered theft, Nap, Get yelled at for napping, Wait for bus, Get on bus, Ride bus to Dover, Have a Frenchman stamp my passport, Cross the channel and recharge my phone on the ferry, Arrive in Paris.



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