July 27

Breakfast, Get dressed, Decide to go to the Saakshi Gallery (Modern Art) with my new friend (Alex), Leave for Saakshi, Arrive at Saakshi, View art I do not understand — including a couch covered in articles about President Obama from The New York Times in a paper mache fashion with three paper mache vases on top (no photographic evidence) — and some really cool graphic word art, wander through a posh food market, Say goodbye to Alex — she says, “See you later!” and I reply “We’ll never see each other again.” and this makes me a little sad — and walk towards the Natural History museum, Decide that the museum is too hot and too crowded and too much for little kids, leave, go to the Victoria and Albert Museum and poach WiFi, decide I’m not hungry enough for lunch, Walk toward the Thames, Walk East along the Thames for a very long while, see an obelisk that the British stole from Egypt — it had been “recovered” from Egypt at great effort and then lost at sea and then found again and displayed in London — that was 3500 YEARS OLD, get on the metro and go back to the hostel, Buy sandwich materials, hang out at the hostel and eat a sandwich, hang out with the four other American’s (Jersey, Kansas, and 2 from Washington), have awkward/hilarious unrepeatable conversations and watch music videos, sleep.



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