In Media Res: The Beginning

Until I arrived in London, this was the farthest I'd been from home.

Until I arrived in London, this was the farthest I’d been from home.

When I tell people I bought a one-way ticket to London, some of them are impressed. I do not know when I am coming home. Short answer: when the money runs out.  After studying in Prague, I’m going for it and I’ll probably go broke while I’m at it — travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. I stole that quote.

I’m in Paris now, sitting in a hostel as my new travel partner, McKay, tosses and turns trying to fall asleep. She just blurted out a question regarding a banjo I may or may not sell her — but I’m leaning towards may, because my grandfather never played it, and although I never met the man I think he would take pleasure in it playing beautiful music instead of gathering dust in my closet. Katie is asleep upstairs, or maybe not, as she went to a play for class tonight.

Some people reading this will be glad to see the account of my days traveling, some will come for the pictures, some will come for my wisdom ramblings, but most people will not come at all. That is okay. I’m writing this as much for me as for everyone else, so that when I’m old and gray I can remember how I spent my time — a greater fortune than my dwindling bank account.

Some posts will be photos, some will be matter of fact run-on-sentence blocks of text that summarize entire days of activity, and some will be ramblings. Enjoy.

Au Revoir


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